What is RdAR?

Repository of Rock Art or RdAR (of its acronym in Spanish) is an Internet dissemination project for

rock art. RdAR is based in the graphic resources generated in several scientific research projects carried out since 2014. These investigations were included in the 4D Arte Rupestre project.

Which is the purpose of RdAR?

RdAR’s main objective is dissemination of some of the digital products generated in those research projects. This way we are trying that these cultural properties, that are included in Rock Art of the Mediterranean Basin of the Iberian Peninsula, inscribed in UNESCO’s World Heritage List in 1998, gain the visibility they deserve, and could he useful for the endogenous development of these districts.

Who are the authors of RdAR?

RdAR is a project developed by José Pereira and headed by Juan F. Ruiz.

All the digital products included in RdAR has been carried out by Elia Quesada, José Pereira and Juan F. Ruiz.