How to use this website?

RdAR has been developed for maximising compatibility with multiple web devices, and to be used as intuitively as possible.

Even so, we are going to give some details about the procedures to interact with the graphic interfaces used for publication and visualisation of the graphic resources available in RdAR.

Compatibility with mobile devices

Nowadays, many of the accesses to a website come from a mobile devices, like tablets or smartphones. For this reason, RdAR has been designed in a responsive way to this current situation offering interfaces adapted to mobile devices.

However, we may experience certain web browsing difficulties because of the specificities of some viewers. These issues could affect to the visualisation of high-resolution images, and to the 3D viewers, in mobile devices with small size screens.

It should be considered as well that mobile devices that are not ready for an intensive graphic demand could experience difficulties with high-resolution images and 3D models.

Finally, it should be taken into account that both high resolution images and 3D model viewers present a high demand in data consumption, so it is recommended a moderate use or the connection to a wifi with a high rate of data download.

High-resolution image viewer

The viewer of high-resolution images appears in a pop-up window when the buttons “watch” or “compare” are clicked.

In the upper part of this pop-up window there are a row of buttons that allow the interaction with the image in the case the tactile screen navigation fails.

The available options are:

  1. Show/Hide navigation: this button hides or shows the pop-up window in which it is indicated what part of the image is in the screen, and its relative size. This window can be commuted by pressing the H key.
  2. Zoom In: It is used to zoom in the image. It is activated as well with the mouse wheel, and pinching with two fingers on a tactile screen.
  3. Zoom Out: It is used to zoom out of the image in a similar way to the previous option.
  4. Full Screen: The navigation screen expands to full screen for a better browsing experience.
  5. Center Scene: If we get lost in an image, we can activate this command to immediately to come back to the center of the image.   

“Compare” option is available in the high-resolution image viewer. It is used to compare two of these pictures, mainly a true color imagen with a false color one. In this screen both parts are automatically synchronised, while keeping the rest of the options of the viewer available.

3D viewer

The Sketchfab 3D viewer have the following functionalities:

  1. Pan: 2-finger drag or Right Mouse Button or shift + Left Mouse Button
  2. Move camera: 1 finger drag or Left Mouse Button
  3. The mouse wheel allows zoom in and out to the 3D model. Double tap and double click as used as well for this.
  4. Rotate lighting: 3-finger drag or ALT + Left Mouse Button